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What we do?

  • Restaurant Profit Optimization

    Profit Optimization is one of our specialties! We WILL improve your operation- GUARANTEED– making you more PROFIT and giving your operation LONGEVITY...
  • Market & Promote

    Our restaurant social media consulting services develop a strategy with you for social media outlet use as well as in-house marketing and promotion....
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    We’re burning daylight here!...

we are the best!

Need a food and beverage consultant? Restaurant social media consulting? Beverage development consultants?

You really cannot go wrong with us. We travel constantly and see things you would never see in your town. We rarely, if ever, eat at the same restaurant twice (unless its one of ours!) and are always studying what's "next".

We were the first to embrace the Mediterranean diet. The first to use flat iron steaks and teres major. We are always ahead and always ahead of trend.

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  • We’re burning daylight here!